Whether you are a general contractor, architect, or designer - we can handle your project. Building long-term relationships with our clients and customers is one of our top priorities. No matter the environment or challenge we communicate with our clients to get an overall understanding of their expectations & specifics of their product to create lasting final productions to make your business stand out from your competitors!

We are able to resolve your most difficult challenges with stunning, functional, energy-efficient products for any idea you have. Trust Enterprise Tarpaulin Products, Inc. for all of your architectural and commercial needs. Let us build your project to life together!


Enterprise Tarpaulin designs a variety of louvered sunscreens for a variety of applications. Whether you require high-end architecture, commercial, or large-scale industrial, we offer a solution tailored to your needs. Every sunscreen is manufactured to order. Our experienced sales and engineering department are available to assist architects, contractors and builders with production selection. Let our years of experience insure performance and aesthetics to your architecture.



Enterprise Tarpaulin manufactures a range of louver systems for a variety of applications. Whether your louver requires high quality architecture, commercial or large scale industrial, we offer solutions to fit your needs. Let B & B Awnings assist you with product selection and application for your louver project. Our years of experience insure every product is made durable, efficient and visually appeasing. Choose Enterprise Tarpaulin, the top company for louvers in the industry.


Aluminum metal structures generally supported by rods attached to the back of a building. Our canopies are designed with a formed sheet, louvered seat or a combination of both. Rod canopies are commonly mounted to flat wall surfaces; however, may be assembled to wrap around building perimeters or attached to recessed entry ways.


When you work with Enterprise Tarpaulin, you can focus on the good stuff above the waterline with our dependable roof screens. We will take care of all the unnoticed technical issues. Real engineering is highly dependent on specific site regulations which is why we stay up-to-date on all material in this industry. We can provide you with professional engineered solutions for any of our products. And we back it up with full show drawings and the engineer’s stamp for numerous states we are licensed in, even international projects!


Enterprise Tarpaulin's Bahama Shutters feature an easy to operate, shade & storm shutter system that grasps the charm & appeal of your building architecture. The all extruded "open louver" meets the strictest code inspection requirements in the industry (in any state, we are licensed in several & even serve international clients around the world). Our shutters are an excellent choice to combine sun control & weather protection elements to your architecture.


​Rain Hood products are used in facilities such as industrial, manufacturing and several other features. Industrial and commercial hoods are welded construction. Our hoods are available in a wide variety of types and materials for virtually any application. They can be manufactured to any size or specification to meet your needs.